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This is a dance that is performed with sharp, loud taps of the foot, toe or heel at each step, creating a beat or rhythm. It is often seen in musicals and film, being made famous by the likes of Shirley Temple.

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Whilst tap dancing was first developed in the United States of America, it does owe much of its development to a variety of other dance styles (including Irish solo step dance, English clog dance, Spanish flamenco, and African dance movements). Students will be encouraged to embrace a variety of dancing styles from around the world.


Students will find that learning tap also offers them a number of health and well being benefits, including: it relieves stress, it helps to develop balance, it helps to improve fitness, it is weight bearing and helps to develop bone density, it’s good for your memory, it helps to develop a sense of musicality and rhythm, and it gives and overall good feeling!


Tap students are required to wear tan tap shoes and tight fitted clothing (such as leotards, tights, leggings and shorts).