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Our Classes

Song & Dance

This class is a fun filled class for boys & girls of all ages where you get to sing and dance!!!


Improve on your flexibility, turns, jete's and overall Technique!

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.


We offer classes for both children and adults in an environment that is both fun and relaxed. No partners required!


This class focuses on flexibility, coordination, technique and fun. Keep you or your child on top of all the latest moves, whilst keeping fit!

Hip Hop/Funk

A fun and physical class filled with all the latest hip hop moves, as seen in video clips.


This is a group dance using technical moves and theory. We provide the correct training and promote disciplined work.


A dance that is performed with sharp, loud taps of the foot, toe or heel at each step, creating a beat or rhythm.


This is a fun class assisting in the development of confidence, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and fitness via correct training and using correct equipment. You will also learn how to cart wheel, flip, hand stand etc.

Contemporary/ Lyrical

This is more of a slow style of dance using technique and flexibility. It teaches you how to feel the different tones in music.

Competition Class

This is a class for the more dedicated and advanced students who would like to perform professionally, compete and gain more experience.

Private Singing

In this class, you will learn traditional and unconventional scales, singing, performing technique and harmonies.