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Hip Hop/Funk

A fun and physical class filled with all the latest hip hop moves, as seen in video clips and around nightclubs. It is probably the most famous of all dance styles and belongs under the ‘Urban Dance’ umbrella.

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The first dance associated with hip hop was breakdancing. Whilst breakdancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip hop moves are done whilst standing. The choreography often makes use of the same techniques found in other forms of Urban Dance, such as popping, locking, capoeira and breaking.


This is a fun style of dance that is commonly seen in video clips and nightclubs. It is the perfect place to start for new dancers (especially if you have never taken a dancing class before) and also gives you a great workout – you won’t even realise that you’re exercising! Break it down to some of the latest music trends and learn how to take over the dance floor!


Hip hop and funk students are encouraged to wear clothing that is loose, baggy and comfy (such as big t-shirts, track pants, and runners or sneakers)!