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Competition Class

This is a class for the more dedicated and advanced students who would like to perform professionally in dance shows and competitions. It is a great way to become confident and gain experience for those keen to dance professionally.

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Students in our competition classes will receive extra attention to their dance technique whilst being encouraged to have fun and work in a team environment. It is not so much about competing as it is about learning from other dancers. The style of the dance will be decided based on the strengths of the particular students participating.


Our students will also be able to compete at the local and interstate level. They will be given the opportunity to compete in both group and solo/duo/trio actions, and many of our students have come home with placements and other special awards. These classes are the perfect way to take your talents to the next level and be recognised.


Competition class students are required to wear clothing that is appropriate to the chosen style. More information on this can be found on our other dance style pages.